DevCircles is an exclusive, invite-only, professional development community for developers passionate about their craft and career path.


This LinkedIn community is specifically open to Tech Leads and Developers across any tech stacks.

Our Dev community provides:

  •   3 x free webinars per annum on cutting-edge tech topics.
  •   Carefully curated personal and career growth insights, articles and reports.
  •   Invites to our in-person events.
  •   Opportunities to share your work and challenges. We believe in self-reflection, cross-collaboration and efficient problem-solving.
  •   Invites to our networking opportunities.
  •   A SPAM-FREE space for you to hone your craft and grow your career.
  •   Vacancy adverts permitted once per week from the tech-lead recruiting for their own team, only.


If you are interested in being part of this initiative, click on the link to sign up, and we’ll send you an invite!

Please feel free to share the signup details with other Developers and Tech Leads whom you believe to have similar values as professional, committed devs passionate about their craft.


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