Do you know what your candidates are saying about you?

Do you know what your candidates are saying about you?

Employee appeal is not only about your practical branding elements and activities, it is also your business brand in the market. As HR specialists actively engaged in the South Africa and UK markets, conducting numerous interviews daily, we soon learn the market’s feelings towards different businesses. We’ve also learnt what some of the biggest complaints are!

But why, as a business, should one care? Well, you’d be surprised at how far this information travels - and how it can greatly hinder your recruitment efforts. It can occasionally even be detrimental to your sales efforts (because yes, candidates can very well be your client at another point in time).

What creates negative perceptions about your business?

1. Poor interview experience

Showing up late for interviews, being distracted during interviews, asking inappropriate questions in interviews…all these unfortunately communicate a lack of professionalism and leave the candidate not feeling valued.

2. Lack of interest from senior leadership

What is important to note is that candidates are not only choosing a company or a role, they are also choosing a leader. They want a leader that inspires them and will value them. It’s important that this is communicated verbally and non-verbally during the interview.

3. No feedback

Even if a candidate didn’t make the cut, feedback is so important. It’s not difficult or cost-prohibitive to set up feedback communication processes. This is potentially one of the biggest complaints we hear and it’s not difficult to fix.

4. A spate of high turnover

Every single business is going to have rough patches where employee turnover spikes, for a variety of reasons. The problem is when that information is out in the market, it’s hard to argue with it. This is where being quiet on the employer branding front can greatly hinder any future recruitment efforts. Continual employer branding and the sharing of information can mitigate negative information about your business in the market.

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Candice Clark is the founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Talent