The not-so-common, common HR knowledge you need to have during Covid-19

The not-so-common, common HR knowledge you need to have during Covid-19

We are in a time unprecedented. Companies are having to figure out approaches and policies faster than the virus spreads. It’s changing our way of working – and very quickly.

As an employee, be sure you’ve got all the accurate information at your fingertips.

  • Your employer will be working hard to communicate changes in operations and policy. Ensure you are taking note of these regularly, and adjusting. You can be held to these once the information has been communicated.
  • Ensure you report to your employer if / when you contract any flu-like symptoms. The company is required to keep this information anonymous and it cannot be used as grounds for dismissal.
  • You are entitled to sick leave, and can ask for this to be extended in agreement with your employer.
  • You are entitled to pay if you are required to undergo quarantine and are able to work from home, or take paid sick leave.
  • You are entitled to refuse to travel to high risk areas or participate in tasks that will increase your chances of exposure to the virus.
  • Be reasonable in your conversations with your employer and understand that they are – in most cases – trying their best to ensure the viability of the business and protect you. Both are for your benefit, and the population at large.

This could be a career defining moment for you.

There is a unique opportunity for you to display excellent leadership skills. As others are gripped with fear, the importance of remaining calm, continuing to connect with others in genuine ways and working towards a united goal is incredibly important.

  • Embrace the changes that are coming. Better yet, help find solutions to the problems your leaders are very likely losing sleep over this week.
  • Practice selective vulnerability. Show others it’s ok to be afraid, and take action. They are not mutually exclusive. Allow others space to voice fears and work towards finding solutions.
  • Encourage your team to face the challenge head on. Keep showing the ways this disruption is creating positivity, and how it can be used to unite and support the greater team. Avoid all behaviour that creates divisions.

We know these are strange days, and it takes courage. This could be the moment in time that you look back on and realize it’s where your leadership skills were cemented.

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