ZAR 650 for a resource? Cost-effective recruitment in the time of Covid-19

ZAR 650 for a resource? Cost-effective recruitment in the time of Covid-19

Should you still be recruiting? It depends.

I know that’s not as straight-forward as you would like it to be. But here’s my take on this increasingly dynamic landscape:

  • Resources not previously open to talking to you, are now listening. Top notch, technical people are rethinking where they are currently employed.
  • Because many talent competitors have stopped recruiting, many of these sought-after professionals are getting a lot less phone calls.

If you can afford to, hone in on your most needed resource and go at it hard.

  • 1.) Take 1 minute: Step away from agencies, and online platforms – they are expensive in the normal course of business and they’re going to be even more cost-ineffective now.
  • 2.) Take 5 minutes: Get crystal clear on who you want. Names preferably. If not names, define the person (technical skills, soft skills, job title, company that currently employs them) in several clear, concise bullet points.
  • 3.) Take 5 minutes: Decide what your employee value proposition is in this crisis.
    • a. How is your business helping? What sets you apart in the crisis? Why should they join you *now* of all times? Be succinct, direct and CLEAR.
    • b. How are you using your value proposition to propel growth and employee wellness? This is especially relevant if they aren’t happy with way their business is doing it.
  • 4.) Take 20 minutes: Write their names up. Google sheets with LinkedIn profile links will do the job just fine. Aim for 20 high quality names per role.
  • 5.) Take 10 minutes: Send them a connection request with point 3. (Side note: you don’t need to inmail or buy inmails for anyone, just edit the connection request).
  • 6.) Speak to them as they respond. Ask them to hop on a call with you. Reiterate point 3, and get them into your recruitment process.

In under an hour you will be speaking with top notch resources that are open to your business.

Not your jam? Not convinced? Do point 2 & 3, mail it to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) & let us do it for you. It will cost you ZAR 650.00 per hour, and thereafter you can decide if you believe in a per-hour cost recruiting model from a business known for its unbeatable quality of candidates. We believe you will