Navigating skills demand and shortages in a tech-orientated jobscape

Navigating skills demand and shortages in a tech-orientated jobscape

Within 25 years, every single career path is going to have a heavy orientation to technology, and professionals will have to be able to master their roles in the context of this new paradigm. As the automation of processes accelerates, all sectors are impacted, from banking, education, retail and health, to manufacturing, insurance, engineering and mining – directly, and through their service providers.

What the new tech-orientated jobscape looks like:

  • As the need for automation, app development and online customer experiences continues to increase, we are seeing a corresponding increase in demand around tech roles such as Data Scientists, Robotics, Machine Learning, Mobile Development & Cyber Security.
  • New management roles such as Head of Remote Working are being created, and similar adapted roles can be expected to follow.
  • For anyone – regardless of sector – it is incredibly important to start investigating what technology is doing, where the changes are happening and how you and your team can be quickly upskilled.
  • Any touch points where roles intersect with technology need to be thoroughly understood and mastered.

Pinpointing demand and supply on the heatmap

To help firms navigate tech talent shortages, Dynamic Talent has developed a tool to track countries globally to highlight where certain skills exist.

On this heatmap (above), you can see how South Africa compares with India and the USA in terms of available iOS developers, for example. SA currently has a pronounced shortage of cyber security engineers and architects, as well as mobile app developers for Android & iOS.

International companies are recruiting in South Africa, and this combined with the increased demand created by Covid-19 - which is accelerating the 4th Industrial Revolution - has resulted in a challenging talent landscape for companies looking to recruit local talent. While the upside of this is the creation of much-needed local job opportunities, future and junior developers will still need years to receive the required training and gain the experience required now.

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