The gig economy

The gig economy

Running lean and efficient is our gig

The gig economy is created by organizations that hire independent workers for short-term commitments. Gig workers are not seen as employees, but as independent contractors. At the core of gig work today are app-based platforms that dole out work in bits and pieces – sometimes called the ‘platform economy’.

Gig work is characterised by freelance, on-demand work rather than the more traditional nine-to-five set-up, which cuts down dramatically on staffing costs when compared to the traditional working model. In turn, gig workers sacrifice employee benefits for gig benefits such as autonomy and flexibility.

Now this may not be your kind of ‘gig’, but it is ours and we have turned our gig into a high-earning, high-profile business, with massive cost savings to our clients.

By using gig recruiters, a company is able to extend their organisation as and when needed, with a ready-made, self-sufficient team for both permanent and contract candidates.

For a gig team to be most cost-effective and efficient, it has to be accompanied by the best tools and selection methodologies, as well as recruiters with a sound knowledge of remote recruitment models. With these pivotal resources in place, a gig recruiting team is able to recruit the right person, with a quick, streamlined and lean turnaround.

Because we work our gig remotely, ‘out of sight’ does not mean ‘out of mind’ … and definitely not ‘out of control’ – our clients are in complete control of the extent to which they outsource their recruitment and HR function to our team. We use a collaborative and agile approach that integrates into our client’s business, and allows the client scalable involvement at each step of the process – with no agency fees and no minimum spend.

So – that is what we are – essentially a bunch of gig workers with a deep and extensive understanding of the needs of clients and candidates in our niche area; and the importance of the candidate-skills-position-organisation dynamic.