Attracting and retaining tech talent

Attracting and retaining tech talent

(Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash)

E-recruiting is one of the most rapidly growing areas of business, making it easy for companies to recruit around the globe. With this in mind, and because South African tech talent is more cost-effective in a global economy than sourcing from the USA or Western Europe, we are becoming an international fishing ground for global business. With the country already suffering from a scarce skills shortage, local companies will have to take a very serious look at attracting and retaining their tech talent.

A 2020 analysis of the corporate career sites of Fortune 100 companies identifies four major categories for recruitment benchmarking: recruiting methods, job search tools, job application tools, and information on organisational attributes.

While the study found that most of these companies needed to improve their e-recruiting system, these categories are very useful as organising principles for companies looking to position themselves with a competitive advantage in e-recruiting. Strategies should also include strong employer branding and building an international benchmark of remote workers.

As a viable alternative, South African companies could do well to set their international talent sights on Eastern Europe to mitigate our relative renumeration handicap. In this regard, Poland has been hailed as the tech talent hub in Eastern Europe, with potential to enter the tech talent hegemony currently dominated by North America, India, China, and parts of Western Europe.

Dynamic Talent is already quickly establishing talent networks for local tech businesses in countries that have comparable tech talent salaries. These tech talent sources include Poland, as well as the Ukraine, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, and Egypt.

Retaining this talent is a greater challenge – especially with global business casting their nets in our talent pool. The successful onboarding and retention of workers must never take second place to recruitment. Experts in tech talent retention identify several strategies, which can be broadly grouped as follows:

  • Holistic mentoring for personal and professional growth
  • Meaningful career pathways that integrate an individual’s personal values
  • A diverse and authentic company culture.

Precisely for these reasons, the Dynamic Talent team strives to understand the needs of their clients and the aspirations and goals of candidates; achieved through its case-by-case scrutiny of the candidate-skills-position-organisation dynamic. Dynamic Talent’s business model can function as a stand-alone HR and talent acquisition service. However, we have identified a critical need to augment talent acquisition with HR operations support, psychometric assessments, specialised training, and wellness programmes – providing full Talent Lifecycle support to maximise talent retention.