DevCircles - Making the Circle Bigger Webinar Series

DevCircles - Making the Circle Bigger Webinar Series

Dynamic Talent created DevCircles in July 2020, as a way to bring Devs in South Africa together for a common purpose of career development, networking and general connectedness during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of the devs in our group work remotely and we believe that the biggest professional growth can happen when we share our own experiences and assist and mentor one another. The group has nearly 200 developers and Tech Leads and it is continuing to grow. 

In looking to 2021, we wanted to create more opportunities for our devs to engage with one another in more interactive ways. Thus, we decided to create a webinar series made up of short interactive webinars. We looked at current topics within the tech space and based on input from our group we were able to determine the direction and topics to explore this year. We are excited to be focusing on Big Data Analytics for the first part of this year. Big Data Analytics is a hot topic, but it is not well understood, and many people are unsure about how to actually get started in this field. We aim to address this in all webinar series.

Ron Edelman will be partnering with us as we host the ‘Making the Circle Bigger Series’. He currently is a Senior Systems Architect, with over 15 years of working experience in the tech industry. Ron is passionate about tech and mentoring others and we are delighted to be partnering with him as we take DevCircles to new heights!

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