The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce – Part 3

The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce – Part 3

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Creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace environment is not an easy feat, but it is one that can be achieved if the business is willing to take the first steps and encourage a strong team effort. Three strategies can assist with this:

Inclusivity Through Values

Values filter down from the top, so consider the leadership structure of the business and their attitudes towards diversity. Encourage discussion and openness. Make it clear, as an example, that women’s opinions are valued as much as that of their male counterparts.

Facilitate a learning culture that allows employees of different backgrounds and ethnicities to share about their cultures and teach their languages to others.

Inclusivity On Paper

Conduct a regular review of company policies to ensure they do not allow for discrimination and include accountability for acts of discrimination. To facilitate understanding, company policies could be drawn up in all the regional languages. Establish career planning and development processes that are fair and people-focused.

Align the company’s remuneration structure with roles and not with individuals. This will help to ensure that compensation is fair, market-related and transparent. Collect and analyse data, using tools such as anonymous surveys to gather information on employee engagement, job satisfaction and other relevant matters.

Inclusivity In Practice

Assign committees to communicate on and monitor issues like employee satisfaction. Employees are encouraged to raise and discuss any problems and submit ideas on how these issues can be solved practically. Incorporate initiatives that foster unity and teamwork. Team-building exercises can be structured to allow for different strengths and abilities to be utilised, which can ultimately be applied in the workplace. Accommodate campaigns thoughtfully in representing various groups i.e., Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ initiatives, Women’s Rights movements. Provide opportunities to celebrate holidays such as Diwali, Eid, Heritage Day, etc. to demonstrate how different cultures and ethnicities are shared and valued equally.

Finally: Inclusivity in action

In our country, the creation of a diverse organisation is advocated by both law and ethics. The value of diversity is infinitely multiplied when its nature is also inclusive; celebrating differences in skin colour, gender, age, ethnicity, and language, with every individual’s traits serving to add to the unique culture. The benefits of inclusivity are boundless and require extensive exploration.

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